Samearth – Promoting Craft

  India is a land of vast cultural heritage. There are a lot of talented artisans and experts. A lot of local talent and skill that is yet to be discovered or identified.

          There is a need for a movement/entreprenurship that can harness this local talent and skill and can provide opportunity to generate employment and earn/boost incomes. In other words we need to work on saving and promoting our national heritage with an opportunity to stand in the global competitive market.

          Samearth is such economic venture with an objective to provide these small enterprises from different regions a chance to showcase their talent and grow in this competition-driven market. It provides a well-developed channels for selling their products so as to boost their financial incomes. It helps to identify adequate markets/consumers for the consumption of the artisians’ creations with a due credit to the creator.

          Nation’s cultural heritage is widespread. There are a lot of cultural activities organised towords development of the cultural heritage but a lot is still required to be done.

 Samearth Foundation is playing a small part in providing systematic & stratiegic business support to this sector.