Samearth Foundation

Samearth Foundation, NGO registered as trust, was formed by two IT entrepreneur, Neeraj Gaur and Vikram Gaur, in 2010. It was formed with following objectives:

  1.  To Raise livelihood by generating Employbility and Enterpreneurship through skill development.
  2.  To bring technological technological afforability through linux and open source advocacy in corporate and educational institutions.
  3. To work for environment protection
  4. To generate awareness on various social issues through portal, magazine, newspaper etc.

As a first step Samearth Foundation decided to work on first two objectives. To achieve first objective Samearth Foundation initiated the project to work with handicraft artist.We are working on this from last 4 years and reached to artists working in various states such as Rajasthan, UP, Maharashtra, Haryana.

To achieve second objective Samearth Foundation decided to start the project Digi-Gap. This is in initial stage and looking forward to work with institutions in coming days.